RoboVac XD Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a busy life leaving you no time for household chores? Then you need the RoboVac to save you. The clever vacuum cleaner will do all your hoovering for you, leaving you more time to enjoy yourself. Just give it a charge, turn it on and off it will go, the robot vacuum cleaner will then vacuum your floor, its clever on board computer will work out you floor and ensure no part is left uncleaned.

The RoboVac XD works in the following way, first it sweeps your floor with its rotating brushes and dusting brush working in tandem to break up and loosen any dug in dust. The powerful suction then sucks all the dirt and dust into its generous dust storage compartment. With the UV light active, you ca be rest assured that any bacteria living in your carpet will be neutralised.

The RoboVac comes with 5 different cleaning modes: Auto Cleaning Mode, Spot Cleaning mode, Edge cleaning mode, Mute cleaning mode, ZigZag

The RoboVac comes with advanced sensors so that it can tell if there is an object or gap and safely navigate around it. If there is an area you don't want the vacuum to go then you can use the handy virtual wall. When the charging station is plugged in and on the iRoboVac will make its way to this when it is low on battery, meaning you don't have to worry about battery running out halfway through a cleaning cycle. With the mop attachment you can use the RoboVac on your kitchen floor as well.

The RoboVac comes complete with all required attachments and spare brushes and is easy to take apart with the wheels and brushes being easily removable to clear out any blockages, plus it comes with a 12 month warranty (subject to acceptable uses).

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