New Lavor VAC 20 Wet And Dry Industrial Vacuum

The lavor ashley twin vacuum is one of the best and most highly powered brands on the market.
This can be used for all industrial use and around the house for everyday tasks.
Since the very start of this company it has been the top and very best for this type of equipment.A leading brand you can trust and rely on for all your cleaning needs.
Established 40 years ago and with many leading patent's in this market.It is one of the most trusted brands in the pressure washer and industrial cleaning market.
With machines only patented to this brand;
Like the Niagara and the storm - that we also have for sale.
Made with the strongest materials this really is a durable machine you can use over and over again for years to come.
Wet and dry
1000W 180 mbar
20 litre capacity
Blower function
Filter shaker
Silenced motor (79 dB) with double electrical insulation
Suction system with by-pass
Accessory compartment
Steel frame
Cable holder
1.5 metre hose
4 metre power cable
Includes extension tube, crevice tool and brush attachment

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